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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Milliman - Actuarial Software Solutions

Milliman - Actuarial Software Solutions: "If the goal is to mitigate risk, let’s start by discussing the choice of tools.
Affinity® and ReservePro® help actuaries, analysts, and finance and risk management professionals analyze casualty loss data. Milliman’s Reserve Variability Modeling service provides even more valuable information for effective management decisions. No wonder so many leading companies place their trust in our reserving tools.
Our systems provide sophisticated analyses, yet are easy to learn and use. They help analyze losses, reserves, loss adjustment expenses, and aggregate claim data at over 200 companies around the world.
Manage decisions, rather than data.
Our solutions streamline the entire reserve analysis process. They manage the data, control the relationships and links, and format the output. And they provide a consistent workflow, aid in managing the reserving department, and help in training new people."

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