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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Glossary of Reinsurance Terms

Glossary of Reinsurance Terms:

"Admitted Reinsurance - A company is “admitted” when it has been licensed and accepted by appropriate insurance governmental authorities of a state or country. In determining its financial condition a ceding insurer is allowed to take credit for the unearned premiums and unpaid claims on the risks reinsured if the reinsurance is placed in an admitted reinsurance company.

Arbitration Clause - Language providing a means of resolving differences between the reinsurer and the reinsured without litigation. Usually, each party appoints an arbiter. The two thus appointed select a third arbiter, or umpire, and a majority decision of the three becomes binding on the parties to the arbitration proceedings.

Attachment Point - The dollar amount under an excess of loss reinsurance contract at which a ceding (primary) insurer's retention requirements have been met, and the point at which the reinsurance will respond to a loss.
Bordereau (plural Bordereaux) - A form providing premium or loss data with respect to identified specific risks which is furnished the reinsurer by the reinsured.

Burning Cost - A term most frequently used in spread loss property reinsurance to express pure loss cost or more specifically the ratio of incurred losses within a specified amount in excess of the ceding company’s retention to its gross premiums over a stipulated number of years."

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